Campaign 7

“You Gotta Believe!”

$7.35- seems like an insignificant start when you need $200,000.00 but, that is where Michala at 10 years of age began when she handed her mom her small seed of faith and proclaimed, “I know it’s not enough but, you can have it for the study and I will raise the rest!” Within 6 months, Michala’s seed grew to a $300,000.00 harvest that has changed the lives of countless children with autism and reminded us all about the power of love, unwavering faith and hard work.

 In honor of her unselfish gift and her inspirational story, we have created CAMPAIGN 7! It is simple: we need 60,000 people who are willing to donate just $7.00 a month for one year to hire staff, purchase the land and kick off a National campaign to build the “We Believe!” International Autism Research and Treatment Center.

 For just $7.00 a month for one year, you can become a part of one of the most inspiring fundraising stories ever witnessed and become a “PEEP” in the fight to eradicate autism.

For your gift of only $7.00 a month (.23 per day) you get:

1. Official “I’m a PEEP!” certificate 

2. A beautiful hand-beaded bracelet

3. Colorful “PEEP” window/bumper sticker 

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