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Hi, I'm Michala!

I love my little brother, Evan. He has Autism, a condition that 1 in every 94 children and 1 in every 70 boys battle each day. In fact, more kids will be diagnosed with Autism this year than cancer, diabetes and aids combined! Doctors don't know the cause or cure, and there's just not much hope due to limited funding for research and treatment but, we're out to change that! Read here about how we and our Peeps are making a difference!!!! Click here to find out about Upcoming Events

Michala's Story

With just $7.35 cents and a passion to help kids like her brother, Evan, Michala Riggle, age 10, started doing the only thing she knew how to do...make bracelets. See what happened!

How Peeps Help

Since Michala originally recruited her mom, dad, friends and family, thousands of people have joined the effort all around the world. It seems like everyone's life has been touched by autism in some way... More about peeps here.